Our Story

At Studio Lytse we make Ayurvedic swaddling cloths and accessories, being our main goal to bring protection and positive effects to the skin of our little ones.

With the textile industry being one of the most polluting industries we aim for a healthier alternative. These days garments go through transformations and dyeing processes, being most of them toxic and difficult to trace due to the lack of legal requirements to identify such processes. It is known that the skin has an absorbing property, and therefore these chemicals can enter our organism.
It could be assumed that after washing these clothes the chemicals will disappear but that’s incorrect: the fibers will carry the chemicals for a long time and the skin will eventually absorb some of them. 
This is not safe and especially not for our little ones.

In response to this we got inspired by a dyeing technique called Ayurvastra. Ayurvastra is an ancient technique from India in which textiles are dyed with therapeutic plants and herbs, acquiring this way anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic properties, among many others. This will bring general well-being to our little ones, as these properties are received by the skin.
Did you know that the concept of Ayurvastra was practiced in India even before the industrialisation of the textile industry? Still today, these cloths are used in India to swaddle a newborn. Ayurvastra is part of the Indian philosophy Ayurveda, whose purpose is to restore inner harmony and to find balance through the cleansing and nourishing of both body and soul.

All our textiles are made in India from 100% organic cotton, Ayurvedic dyed and of course; no toxic chemicals are used in the process. Our dyes contain herbs and plants like turmeric, madder, sandalwood, marigold, pomegranate and many others. Browse to a specific product to discover more about our dyes.