All our textiles are handmade in India from 100% organic cotton and of course, no toxic chemicals are used in the process.


At Studio Lytse we got inspired by an ancient dyeing technique from India called Ayurvastra. With Ayurvastra textiles are dyed with therapeutic plants and herbs.

We make swaddling cloths and accessories, being our main goal to bring protection and positive effects to the skin of our little ones.

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Designed with your little one in mind.

Swaddling means wrapping a newborn snuggly with a blanket. Swaddling done correctly creates great benefits for you and your child: the safety feeling the wrapping provides — just like being in the womb — prevents unnecessary wake-ups due to the startle reflex and therefore better sleep for you and your baby. 

Always make sure you swaddle correctly and remember; swaddle only until they begin to show signs that they can roll over (usually 4 to 6 months old but sometimes younger).